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Sustainable Efforts

In 2018 Landfall continued to be an environmentally conscious business by increasing our recycling efforts.  While continuing to divert food scraps from the waste stream (17 tons), we embarked on a mission to decrease the use of plastic straws.  We found that most of our customers welcomed our efforts, and Landfall used 30,000 less straws this season than in 2017.  Hopefully, our harbors, estuaries, and marshes will be a little cleaner with the consideration of our customers.  

While diverting a great deal of food waste from the waste stream, Landfall recycled 13 tons of glass and 6 tons of cardboard.   With a little effort on everyone’s part, one restaurant can make a small contribution to a healthier environment.  We would like to thank our local partners, Mary Ryther at Compost With Me, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, with helping us achieve our goals.  

In addition to our recycling efforts, in 2017 and 2018 Landfall switched over from incandescent and fluorescent lights to LED lights.  With that small change, Landfall is using 25% less electricity.